Friday, February 17, 2012

Explanation of my blog's name

Hi, my blog sounds like it is based on a negative premise. This is because of nothing more than the name being undeniably miss-leading. The name is merely a general definition of my personality, but not a full one. I am not all negative. I wanted that sentence to be specially emphasized in your minds because of how I meant it. If it was not specially emphasized in your minds, let it be now. anyway, an example of me being non-pessimistic, is tonight. Tonight, I will sit down with my whole family, which is not every night anymore, and eat a delicious meal that my mom and dad half (if not entirely) made up. here is an example in the midst of my example. I have complete faith that my parent's made up meal will be amazing. How could you be if they just now made it up? Ahh, that, is the right question. Every time that I can ever remember my mom making up a meal it was great, for one. And for two, my dad is infamous for being successfully bold when cooking. And three, when my mom and dad work together, it cannot be described in mere human words. Back to the original example. My family and I will laugh, joke, and in a whole be merry. Right now, I am not being in the least pessimistic. Why should I be? Today my mom, dad and I mulched the newly planted greens, fixed the car, and I got to talk to my best friend some. Life right now is genuinely good.
   But I named the blog what I named it because I am notorious for being able to see the bad in things. If I make something and show it to someone, I will be able to tell them a flaw in the item. I don't think that's even up to debate. I do it literally every time I make something, and truly believe that it's true. So yes, I might burden any readers of this blog with negative posts, but there will be a lot of positive ones, or at least some. So don't let the name, or background, dissuade you from reading this blog, but if you think the writing is as bad as I do don't read it.

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